The ABTT are about to launch a new event for 2017, the Backstage Professional Development Conference and we are pleased for you to be the first to hear details about this professional development day, offering a one-stop shop for post qualification briefings and practical training.

The conference is aimed squarely at early career practitioners, who are already working but who are probably still within the first couple of years of attempting full-career employment.

The event is being produced in partnership with eStage on Saturday, 18 March 2017 at the Barbican Conference Centre.

The day will offer a variety of short, high intensity seminars designed to be of maximum value to early career backstage professionals: sessions will include business subjects such as Tax for Freelancers and Insurance for the Self-Employed, as well as practical topics such as Dance Floors: laying, taping & cleaning or Moving Lights: keeping them working.

If you have an idea for a micro-session (about 1 hour long) from which early career professional technicians would benefit, please let the ABTT Office know.